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Quick Summary

Get referrals from local real auctions and friends have got moved recently.
Only consider movers that are licensed, bonded and protected.
Investigate your potential movers through north america Department of Transportation, the Better Business Bureau and MovingScam.com.
Evaluate a minimum of 3 movers based on in-home estimates of goods to be moved.
Price isn't only factor- extremely low bids indicate a desperate mover.
Ask for written "Binding Not-To-Exceed" loan quotes.
Avoid "rogue movers"- if you feel uncomfortable, have confidence in instincts!
The Details
If you decide to hire professional movers, you're faced along with a big decision- how do you find reputable movers or movers? The good news is that a brief time spent on researching potential movers might help insure a stress-free technique. This article outlines those research steps.

Getting Started: Referrals

Getting referrals is clearly the best way to start your review of potential movers. While the Yellow Pages (for people who will even find their phone information!) and web searches can help, referrals can provide the best leads. Ask your friends, co-workers and new neighbors about their experiences. Seek for people who have moved during the past 12 months, as companies' quality changes over a period of time. Be sure to ask for details much like the names people today they worked with, what went well, and to be able to watch out for. Even information about moves that didn't go well can help.

In addition to friends and co-workers, try to get referrals from industry professionals. Along with your leasing agent or real estate agent for experiences of their clients- they can be a wealth of helpful insight. If you work for considerable company, check with the Hours department to ascertain if they have someone who works together relocation (even if you are not receiving relocation assistance- there're willing to pass a on useful information anyway). Getting these kinds of referrals can get your research started along the right toe.


Movers are regulated by federal, state and local laws. In the federal level, a moving company that carries goods across state lines (interstate) probably will be licensed coming from the Department of Transportation (the DOT doesn't regulate local movers). In the state level, laws vary widely, a lot of states (Alaska, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont) do not require moving companies to have a separate license. For those that do, verify that the licenses are current. The significance recommend your movers be bonded and insured, both as proof that an additional is legitimate and financial stability if your worst happens and you ought to file a claim.

Investigate Potential Movers

Once perception the basics about your potential moving companies, you're find out about people's experiences. You want to know get opinions from objective, third-party opinions based on dozens or hundreds of consumer recommendations. While almost every moving company has had some kind of complaints, having objective resources is primary. Fortunately, there are a few excellent resources you make use of for unfastened. The U. S. Department of Transportation rrncludes a website focused on its "Protect Your Move" program. There you'll find a link that will you to find information about individual moving companies. You can also look at the websites of MovingScam.com, ProtectYourMove.gov and the better Business Table dresser. It's a good idea to match all 3 to ensure you see a complete picture. Again, almost any mover that been around for awhile will possess a complaint from someone- you absolutely must have patterns of issues as well as the movers attempted to solve the matters.

In-home Estimates

Many companies provide options for customers get an estimate over the phone or on the 'net. This presents tremendous convenience for the consumer. Until a movers representative uses physical inventory, any estimates they create won't be very certain. You should also be somewhat concerned the moving company isn't interested enough inside your business to request an in-home verify. It can also be tempting to get only couple of estimates the upcoming step. This presents two problems. First problem may be it's tough to evaluate a quotation without developing a few others to use as contrasting. The second problem is a person simply miss valuable opportunities assess a mover's personnel without ever having met all. It's worth the time to obtain these estimates in person.


Price is clearly very essential in selecting a moving company. However, it isn't the only factor. In fact, based on that quality, safety and reliability close to least important as. When you think that you will be trusting any most important possession pertaining to being driven off by complete strangers, it puts pricing in some perspective. Further, if you see an estimate that's at least 1/3 less than the next lowest estimate, it's aware of find out why. Generally an extremely low estimate is an indication of movers of which are either very inexperienced or desperate. Nor of those reasons always be cause for encouragement!

"Binding Never to Exceed" Estimates

There are 2 primary types of moving estimates- binding and non-binding. Non-binding estimates are not contracts, and provide those moving with limited rights. Binding estimates are contracts that are binding on you and also the moving venture. "Binding Not to Exceed" estimates put a firm cap of the amount you can be charged, so long as you don't request additional services or add items in order to moved. Moving companies tend always be careful in creating such estimates, and many companies don't offer them at all. However, wherever possible, see if you will get your potential movers to agree to making one in which you.

"Rogue Movers"

The Department of transportation offers specific warnings about scam artists known as "rogue moving services." These groups offer a very low estimate the upcoming wiggle. However, once your goods are at their truck, if you want to exorbitant fees to release your personal belongings. Here are the warning signs the DOT points out:

The mover doesn't offer or be in agreeement an on-site inspection of the household goods and gives an estimate over cell phone or Internet-sight-unseen. These estimates often sound too good-to-be-true. They really are.
The movers demands cash or a good deposit prior to move.
The mover doesn't provide you with a copy of "Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move," a booklet movers are necessary for Federal regulations to supply to their potential customers in the design stages of interstate travels.
The company's Web site has no local address and no information about licensing or insurance.
The mover claims all goods are handled by their automobile insurance.
When you call the mover, ringing is answered with a plain "Movers" or "Moving company," rather style over the company's company name.
Offices and warehouse tend to be poor condition or nonexistent.
On moving day, accommodations truck arrives rather than just a company-owned and marked fleet truck.

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