Sad pasta

De bolesWhen I first went gluten-free, I just eliminated anything with wheat in it. Bread, pastas, Triscuits. I ate a lot of rice, which is naturally gluten-free.

But there’s so many gluten-free products out there, it was hard to resist trying some. And I have been— with VERY mixed results. I’ve found some wonderfully tasty corn and quinoa pasta.

But I’ve also had some disappointments. For example, De Boles pasta. I’ve tried three different kinds now, and each time, they come out gritty and crumbly. (Rice spirals and rice penne.) Most recently, I tried their rice angel hair pasta (with flax) for a spaghetti Adventure Time themed dinner. If not for my friend’s wonderful sauce, I would’ve been sad. The pasta was gummy and sticky, and nothing like proper pasta.

Which is weird, as rice pasta has been served in Asian cooking for centuries. It’s not like rice pasta is something NEW. For now, I’ll be sticking with rice noodles and vermicelli I find at the Chinese grocery store.


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