Gluten-free bread reviews

Plushie bread is happy because he is made of felt, and not gluten.

Plushie bread is happy because he is made of felt, and not gluten. Canyon Bakehouse on the left; Glutino on the right.

Thought I’d throw two gluten-free bread recommendations your way. While there’s some good commercially-made gluten free bread out there, there’s also a lot of terrible bread. And like other gluten-less products, it’s more expensive. (Sigh.) However, sometimes ya gotta have a sandwich.

Canyon Bakehouse

A friend whose father has celiac’s disease recommended this bread to me, and I’m so glad she did. Their rosemary focaccia is fantastic toasted and topped with olive oil, and their multigrain white bread makes wonderful grilled cheese. The Better Health Store by my house to carries this bread. This bread is chewy, flavorful and just as good as wheat bread. The only drawback is the loaves are smaller than gluteny bread. (But, it’s a very good excuse to make two sandwiches instead of one.)


I think it’s funny that this bread is named after the very thing that isn’t in it. However, I can find frozen loaves of their multigrain sandwich bread at my local Meijer (here’s to convenience!) Glutino makes great peanut-butter toast. While this bread is good toasted, it can be a bit crumbly for sandwiches (it’s dairy-free.)


Ener-G Brown Rice Bread

I bought this on accident at Kroger’s, about two weeks after I gave up gluten, and it was awful. While rice makes awesome noodles, mu shu pancakes and sake, it just doesn’t make good bread. It doesn’t toast, it falls apart when you make a sandwich out of it, and it’s drier than dust. Because I’m loath to throw things out, I stuck in my freezer, where it still sits.

Also, I had a similar issue with Food for Life’s rice bread (the one sweetened with fruit juice.) Surprisingly, the tasty veggie, gf sandwiches at Jazzy Veggie are made with Food for Life’s bread, which makes me think I just happened to buy the wrong kind. The rice bread is overly dense, chewy to the point of being rubbery, and just doesn’t have a good flavor.

(I already mentioned Udi’s bagels in a previous post, but I haven’t tried their bread yet.)


2 responses to “Gluten-free bread reviews

  1. If you can find a place that sells Udi’s Fresh, it’s by far my favorite. They do struggle a bit with hole-y bread and inconsistency, but are actually really good about reimbursing you if you get especially hole-y bread. It’s my favorite substitue when I crave sourdough

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