Mushroom cream sauce, vegan

finalI started working on this recipe because I love mushrooms— also, I wanted a creamy sauce without being very heavy. One of the tricks to getting through winter while eating healthy is to substitute lighter versions of filling, comfort foods. This recipe was adapted from the Daily Garnish.

 This sauce works great over pasta, rice, or veggies like green beans. For this recipe, I also tried out Goldbaum’s fettucini noodles. I was very impressed— they had a wonderful texture and flavor, and best of all, didn’t dry out like some gluten-free noodles are prone to do.




2 cups almond milk (unsweetened)

2 tbsp non-dairy creamer (I used coconut creamer)

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

2 tsp arrowroot flour, rice flour, or corn starch

1 container sliced mushrooms

1/2 medium onion (optional)

1 tbsp vegan butter or olive oil (I used Earth Balance) 


fistful of your favorite noodles (I used Goldenbaum’s)

 1. Saute the onion and mushrooms in the vegan butter or olive oil. The mushrooms should start to brown and the onions turn translucent before you add the milk.


 2. Add one cup of almond milk, stirring constantly. Don’t add all the milk at once— you want the milk to cook down a little first. 


3. Add the nutritional yeast and any other seasonings you might want to use. The yeast will give it a good cheesy flavor, and take the edge off of the coconut’s sweetness.


4. Add 1 tbsp creamer and the other cup of almond milk, and stir.

A mix of flour and creamer.
A mix of flour and creamer.

5. Stir the flour or cornstarch into the last tablespoon of creamer, with a splash of water. Don’t add the flour straight into the sauce— it will clump up and be impossible to blend smoothly. I found a mixture of cornstarch and rice flour worked the best, for flavor and consistency. 


6. When you add the flour/creamer mixture, I found it easiest to use a fork to whisk the two liquids together. The sauce will start to thicken immediately.


7. Taste the sauce to make sure you have enough nutritional yeast. Top with green onions and serve hot, over your favorite pasta.


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