Purple potato eater: recipe update

When I saw baskets full of purple potatoes at the Ann Arbor farmer’s market, I couldn’t resist buying them. And with the weather growing cooler, I decided they’d make great soup. (And yes, I’ve got that silly 1950s song stuck in my head. I blame my Pandora Halloween station.)

Sliced purple potaoes.

Sliced purple potatoes.

I’ve seen them for sale in Meijer, Kroger’s, the Ypsi co-op and Eastern Market in Detroit before. Eat Like No One has a good run-down of all the metro Detroit places to buy them. Fall and winter seem to be the best season for them— and the best way to find them is to go to your local farmer’s market and ask around.

I used the same recipe I’ve used before, potato soup with leeks, but decided to share the photos. I’ve used purple potatoes in recipes before, and the flavor is similar to red potatoes: rich and a little earthy, a stronger flavor than your average russet potato.

Purple potato soup. That's teff bread from Tasty Bakery in Ann Arbor.

Purple potato soup. That’s teff bread from Tasty Bakery in Ann Arbor.

And they don’t lose their lovely purple-ness when they cook.

A note: I’ve had purple sweet potatoes before, but I’ve only seen them sold in Hawai’i, as they’re grown in Asia.

Their skin isn't very purple, however. Redskin potatoes are on the left, for comparison.

Their skin isn’t very purple, however. Redskin potatoes are on the left, for comparison.


3 responses to “Purple potato eater: recipe update

  1. I just had some of these…. they were a bit more blue rather than purple but I think they must be the same variety. I got the impression that if you close your eyes you really wouldn’t taste a huge difference from regular potatoes but, knowing you were trying a different variety, there was a bit of a difference… what did you think?

  2. There isn’t a huge difference in taste— but the color is much brighter than their white counterparts. When the weather gets wintry and bleak, presentation is really important. Also, I’ve heard they have a bit more nutrition than other potatoes, but I’m not 100 percent certain about that.

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