(Just like) starting over

I moved to the Czech Republic last Thursday to finish my grad degree, and I discovered that my dorm only comes equipped with a hot plate. A hot plate? Also, my previous tenants left behind three wine glasses and one fork. Between my student teaching, learning what “gluten” is in Czech, and buying some actual pots to cook things in, I’ve got my work cut out for me. But honestly, what’s missing silverware compared to an adventure? And I’ve been nursing an itch to travel for… oh, about two and a half years now, ever since I began my graduate program.

The Elbe river in Hradec Králové.

The Elbe river in Hradec Králové.

So I’m at this interesting place in my life. Which is why I haven’t posted in a week— traveling takes up time.

And now to reassure you: I’m not letting this blog lapse, but it is going to shift focus a little. Still vegetarian recipes and vegetarian restaurants, but this time, from overseas! V 8 Mile’s Facebook will still have links to the latest veggie news in the metro Detroit area, thanks to the magic of the Internet and my love of Detroit.

First meal: I was very happy to find gluten-free pasta!

First meal: I was very happy to find gluten-free pasta!

Also, this John Lennon is stuck in my head.


6 responses to “(Just like) starting over

  1. I’ve been told Europe is supposed to be a gluten free eater’s dream. It’s still exciting you found good pasta! Maybe only having a hotplate can inspire you to make foods differently, that could be fun. Glad you get to have an adventure!

    • I’ve already found a bunch of gluten-free products in stores, luckily— and all nicely labeled! I haven’t been brave enough to try many restaurants yet.

      • That’s amazing! Restaurants, even where no one speaks your language, can be fine. Just point at something random that has a decent price, and be prepared for an adventurous meal! And smile. Smiles are universal 🙂

      • Smiling— also, knowing which restaurants have vegetarian food! Traveling and eating with two food restrictions isn’t easy, but I’m treating it as another part of the adventure.

  2. Hi Evelyn! Sorry it has taken this long, but I’ve been thinking about you all this semester as I teach my writing class (I prefer writing my comments, btw). You’ve missed a nasty end of winter here. I hope you are enjoying your time– graduation is coming soon!

    • Hope you’ve enjoyed teaching writing— I miss that! Glad I avoided the snow, but wish I could be there for graduation. But glad the comments are written somehow (and on a blog, I can edit without anyone knowing…!)

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