Baked goods, sweets and other dainties (gluten free, vegan)

Ran across the super old-fashioned word “dainties” while teaching the other day and I decided it needs to be brought back. And when you’re navigating the dessert tray with food allergies and food restrictions, finding a great-tasting cookie, brownie or cupcake deserves a special word.

This list covers greater metro Detroit places that make bread, pastries, and other sweets. Whether it’s wheat, nuts, soy, eggs or another ingredient, there’s something in Michigan to satisfy every sweet tooth. I’ve also included places that serve up raw sweets as well. This list ranges from bakeries that ship their goods to lots of local stores, to smaller-scale bakeries that create their delicious treats in their own kitchens.

Metro Detroit


Ethel’s Edibles

Since I first taste at Eastern Market, I’ve been in love with Ethel’s Edibles. Rich, chewy brownies and perfectly sweet cookies, these baked goods make me forget all about wheat. My favorites are their Hot Blondies and chocolate Whoopie Pies (pictured.) Plus, owner Jill Bommarito is extremely friendly and approachable, and if you catch her at the store, you’ll get to share baking tips. Their baked goodies are available at various metro locations, including the Westborn Markets, Plum Markets, Eastern Market, and their new storefront in St. Claire Shores. Find all their locations on their website.


Rumi’s Passion

After you’ve had their chocolate, creamy, Sanders-inspired bumpy cupcakes, you’ll see why this place is packed every Saturday. Fresh cakes and baked breads, this Plymouth bakery also makes its own flour— and as a bonus, carries the satisfying pierogis of Old World-Gluten-Free Pierogis. Plus, their onion rolls make great buns for veggie burgers.


Sugar Kisses Bakery

Sugar Kisses Bakery does gluten-free baked sweets and breads, as well as foods for lunch and brunch. Their breads and cupcakes have earned a place in my heart. This Berkley bakery also serves vegan baked goodies, and they have a lunch menu. Their spinach pie is high on my things to try list.

Celiac Specialties pączki.

Celiac Specialties pączki.

Celiac Specialties

Angelfood cake, donut holes and sandwich bread, their stores also carry gluten-free products like pasta and pretzels. They have locations in both Farmington Hills and Rochester Hills. And yes, they do pączki for Fat Tuesday.

Samoas and Thin Mints, dairy, wheat, nut and soy free.

Samoas and Thin Mints, dairy, wheat, nut and soy free.

Motown Freedom Bakery

Their changing holiday and season menu is wonderful and imaginative, their baked goodies avoid the top eight allergens, and they deliver. (Psst: like them on Facebook, so you can find out the latest news about their menu items.) They’ve also started baking wonderful gluten-free bread.


Raw, gluten-free vegan fruit tarts.

Cacao Tree’s raw, gluten-free vegan fruit tarts.

Cacao Tree Cafe

Raw, vegan, gluten and sugar free? Cacao Tree Cafe in Royal Oak is the place for you. And their desserts are wonderful— I can’t walk past their dessert cooler without buying something. Can’t do nuts? The pastry chef there would be happy to work with you.


Greater Detroit: Ann Arbor

Tasty Bakery's delicious gluten-free brownie.

Tasty Bakery’s delicious gluten-free brownie.

Tasty Bakery

If you’re looking for gluten-free or vegan pastries in Washtenaw, check out Tasty Bakery. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they have their own dedicated, gluten-free storefront! You can also find her goods at the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. For my review of their products, click here.

Simple Pleasure's blonde brownie.

Simple Pleasure’s blonde brownie.

Simple Pleasures Baked Goods

I would have posted a photo of their delectable brownies, but I took a bite, and couldn’t stop. Find them at Indian restaurant Earthen Jar in downtown Ann Arbor. In addition to gluten-free and vegan, they also have sugar free and raw choices.


Vegan bakers



sweet magnolias

Sweet Magnolias Vegan Cupcakes

In addition to be egg and dairy free, these tasty cupcakes are also soy free. To find out how to have them delivered, check out their website.


Did I miss your favorite place? Know of a new baker who should be on my list? Drop me a V dot 8Mile at gmail.


8 responses to “Baked goods, sweets and other dainties (gluten free, vegan)

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  2. Is there a phone number for all the locations in the metr area. I live in Bloomfield Hills, were I to order via mail, how many days would I expect to get it.

    • Good question! Each bakery and store has its own number, I would visit the website of the place closest to you. In Bloomfield Hills, I would try Whole Foods, or Sugar Kisses Bakery (248 542-5622.) Thanks for reading!

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