Blueberry picking

Blueberry bush

Blueberry bush.

I had this great idea in mind for a post: I would go pick blueberries with my family, take fabulous pictures while having a great time, and write a wonderful post about the experience.


And so I went to my mom’s favorite orchard, we picked (and ate!) lots of blueberries in the sun, and I chatted with her husband the best ways to freeze blueberries. Honestly, I wasn’t much of a blueberry fan before this— I thought them too tart, too difficult to get ripe. But fresh blueberries off the bush are just heavenly. Light, sweet, they almost melt in your mouth with a delicately rich, sweet flavor.


Kapnick’s Orchard, where we went, was great— tons of blueberries. Best of all: gluten-free brownies for sale in their shop!

Unfortunately, between the blueberry picking and chatting, and the camping trip I took that weekend with my aunt, and helping my grandmother in her garden… I totally forgot to write the blueberry post. Now it’s past blueberry season. Last night, as I was walking, I saw one lone firefly flashing.

But that’s a Michigan summer. Wonderful, exhilarating… and all too short.


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