Going gluten-free in Michigan: Resources

At Germack's, Eastern Market.

At Germack’s, Eastern Market, where they sell a selection of gluten-free flours.

When I first started to realize I had issues with wheat, I turned to the Internet— and was immediately overwhelmed by the number of web pages, blogs, articles and books there are about celiac and gluten-intolerance. One book I can recommend, as a starting point: Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic by Peter H. R. Green. While it is well-researched and explains a lot of the science behind wheat-related health issues, it’s also very readable.

To make that search more manageable, I’ve gathered a number of links and resources that have both been helpful to me, as well as resources particular to Michigan.

Local gluten-free blogger:

  • The blog MI Gluten Free Gal is an amazing resources for all things gluten-free in Michigan. Definitely bookmark it!

Local celiac support groups:

Excellent local, gluten-free products:

Online resources:

Product reviews: You can search all of of my product reviews here,  or click on the “Product Reviews” link to the right, but here’s a quick reference:


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