Vegetarian & vegan Restaurant reviews and listings: Detroit & Wayne County

Detroit Vegan Soul's collard greens, BBQ tofu, sweet potatoes and mac and cheese.

Detroit Vegan Soul’s collard greens, BBQ tofu, sweet potatoes and mac and cheese.

I’ve indicated whether each restaurant is vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. All places with a vegetarian-only menu are in bold.


Detroit Vegan Soul, Indian Village (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)                    With recipes based on family dishes and quality ingredients, this place is a must-try. All the food I’ve had has been excellent, and the recipes are a refreshing change from a lot of vegan standards. My review can be found here.

Seva’s, Midtown (all vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
One of Ann Arbor’s oldest vegetarian restaurants opened a second restaurant in Detroit, and there was much rejoicing. There’s a reason why Seva has been around for more than 30 years. Great vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu, they have a great variety of Mexican and Asian inspired dishes. Don’t miss their yam fries.

Psychedelic Healing Shack and Vegetarian Cafe (formerly Goldengate Cafe) Highland Park (all vegetarian)
I’m not sure why this place has not crossed my radar before— but now that it has, it’s next on my list. It’s also great to see veggie options away from the Midtown/downtown area and immediate neighborhoods.


Vegan & vegetarian friendly: 

Woodbridge Pub, Midtown (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
A seasonal menu and gluten-free hamburger buns. Try the pho philly (even meat eaters love it.) I’ve never had a meal that wasn’t well-prepared and delicious.

From the Woodbridge Pub's summer menu.

From the Woodbridge Pub’s summer menu.


7 Greens, Downtown (vegetarian, gluten-free)                                                               A Detroit-based salad company, with a great salad menu and salad bar. All salad dressings are vegan and gluten-free— check then out for lunch. They’re opening a new location in Brimingham soon.


7 Green’s Yoga Girl salad.

Shangri-La, Midtown (vegetarian)
I’m glad that the former Twingo’s location has a found its groove as a great Chinese restaurant. With a wide, tasty selection of tofu and vegetable dishes, I always have to remind myself to order their lettuce wraps. Try their almond tofu— it’s delicious.

Cass Cafe, Midtown (vegetarian)
I’ve been going here so long it’s hard to write a balanced review. With vegetarian lasagna, vegetarian burritos, different vegetable sandwiches and other meatless entrees, this place has been veggie-friendly long before it was trendy. At least one of their soups is always vegetarian, and their rotating specials include fresh, steamed vegetables. And their lentil walnut burgers helped get me through my undergrad degree at Wayne State.

Traffic Jam and Snug, Midtown (vegetarian)                                                                I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this restuarant here, as they’ve always had variety of interesting vegetarian entrees.

The Bronx Bar, Midtown (vegetarian)
While they don’t have a huge menu, their veggie machine sandwich is not to be missed, nor is their chilled dill cucumber soup.

Honest? Johns, Midtown/Cass Corridor (vegetarian, vegan)                                   Along with PJ Lager House, I’m happy to see bars moving from just meat burgers to veggie burgers as well. Whether it’s late at night or the morning after, I’m always happy with the food I order. Try the black bean quesadilla or the spinach artichoke melt.

Russell Street Deli, Eastern Market (vegetarian, vegan)                                        With a rotating menu of vegetarian and vegan soups, this a lovely place to get some munchies after a hard day of shopping at Easter Market.

PJ Lager House, Corktown (vegetarian, vegan)                                                                 After a late night out, I recommend the vegan po boy. (You can get a gluten free bun with it, too, courtesy of Rumi’s Bakery.)
Green Dot Stables, Corktown (vegetarian, vegan)
I first happened into this place after a soccer game last summer— and was delighted to discover they had veggie-friendly sliders. Going back later to see the whole menu, I decided I need to learn how to make creme fraiche to go with my cucumbers.


Tofu scramble with tempeh bacon, and a side of vegan, gluten-free poutine, at Brooklyn Street.

Tofu scramble with tempeh bacon, and a side of vegan, gluten-free poutine, at Brooklyn Street.

Brooklyn Street Diner, Corktown (vegetarian, vegan)
Great stop for breakfast and lunch— they do both vegan and vegetarian breakfasts. Also, their vegan/gf poutine is excellent, and the servers super friendly. Try the iced coffee— perfect for a hot day.

Mudgie’s, Corktown (gluten-free, vegetarian)
They have gluten-free bread (and bagels) are available, along with a selection of vegan & vegetarian sandwiches.

Sammich from Mudgie's.

Sammich from Mudgie’s.

Freshii’s, Downtown (vegetarian, vegan)                                                                                           The Canadian-based chain of fresh salads and wraps moved into Detroit, with one location on Woodward, the other on Kirby. With falafel and tofu options, their meals can be quick, healthy and filling.

Also: if you’re at a Tiger’s game in Comerica Park, check out Brushfire Grill. They have veggie hot dogs, veggie burgers and hummus and veggies.

Veggie dog, Brushfire Grill, Comerica Park.

Veggie dog, Brushfire Grill, Comerica Park.


Wayne County                                                                                                                                        

Red Star Chinese Restaurant, Dearborn (vegetarian, vegan)                                                             A selection of vegan friendly Chinese dishes, with both tofu and seitan substitutes available.

The Sprout House, Grosse Pointe Park (all vegetarian)                                                              One part health food store, one part sandwich and soup shop. Vegetarian soups made daily, and freshly made veggie sandwiches and salads in their cooler.

Zerbo’s Health, Livonia (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
This is a fantastic health food store—and after you’ve spent some time admiring the produce and prowling the aisles, you’ll stumble on the sandwich shop in back. They sell fresh salads and smoothies as well, with gluten-free bread and wraps available.


Nee Hee's chole bhature.

Nee Hee’s chole bhature.

Nee Hee’s, Canton (all vegetarian, vegan)
Don’t let the huge menu or the flat-screen TVs playing Bollywood movies and cricket matches distract you. If you like spicy food, there’s a ton of delicious options. The menu is almost overwhelming in its variety (I keep track of what I’ve had in the past on a take-out menu.) Try one of their dosas— tall, thin and crepes served with vegetables and chutney. Don’t forget the sugar cane juice to wash it down.

The Chopstick House, Canton (vegetarian)
Large vegetarian menu, with faux meats and a wide variety of tasty vegetable and tofu dishes.

Lei Ting, Milford (vegetarian)
Vegetarian-friendly Chinese restaurant, with faux meats.


Did I miss your favorite place, or have your heard of a new spot that’s opened? Drop me a line at V dot 8mile at


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